Sunday, August 28, 2011


We had a huge turnout for the Magnet Open Art Project at the Minor Threat Pop-Up Gallery on Friday night. Everyone loved how the magnets were exhibited on salvaged fridge doors. The show looked terrific!

The children were especially enthralled with the concept and were anxious to go downtown on Saturday morning to treasure hunt for a special piece of art that they loved.

David and Laurette Carroll, two of our featured artists, also had artwork in the Gallery.

The next morning, we were out bright and early posting the magnets up and down Main Street.

Tom Hosmer and Laura Morrison post the first batch.
All day long, tiny pieces of contemporary art were sprinkled up and down Main Street.

Collectors were careful to take only one magnet and you could see them thoughtfully considering their choice. It was incredibly rewarding to see how happy collectors were with their treasures.
A dedicated follower of the project collects the first magnet!   

The Magnet Open Art Project would like to thank all of the incredibly talented artists who participated in the project. We were honored that you were willing to share your artwork with the world in such a generous manner.

• • •
Thank you to Kathryn Antyr for taking pictures and posting about the Magnet Open Art Project on her blog, Collage Diva. We will be collecting more pictures of the exhibition and posting them later this week.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tonight is the night!

The Magnet Open Art Project is installed in the Minor Threat Pop-Up Gallery and we are so excited about the opening event tonight. The show looks AMAZING!

The Collage Diva stopped by yesterday to catch a sneak peek and take some pictures for her blog.  Read all about it here... LINK.

Hope to see you tonight, it's going to be a lot of FUN!

(Click on News and Events for all of the details for tonight and tomorrow.)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sneak Preview

This week, you can get a sneak preview of some of the magnets at two of our sponsors..

Rowland Studio and Gallery 23

You can see a selection of magnets displayed on a fridge door placed on an easel in the window at Rowland Studio and Gallery 23 located at 23 North Main Street in downtown Concord, NH.

At MainStreet BookEnds located at 16 E. Main Street in downtown Warner, you will find more magnets on a fridge door inside of the bookstore. Stop by to take a look!

MainStreet BookEnds

Also worth noting is the fact that ON THE VERY SAME DAY we are having our magnet give-away, featured artist, Alban Low is staging Rarites 2011: An exhibition of miniature magnet art in Hastings and St. Leonard in England. Check out their website at to see what is going on in England on Saturday, August 27. We are both very excited we were able to coordinate our exhibitions for the same day.

Rarities 2011 Website

Thursday, August 18, 2011